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Campnight Ruined Sketch by Bertman01 Campnight Ruined Sketch :iconbertman01:Bertman01 0 2 The Dragon and the She-Wolf: Wish Granted sketch by Bertman01 The Dragon and the She-Wolf: Wish Granted sketch :iconbertman01:Bertman01 4 1 The Sadness of a Dragon by Bertman01 The Sadness of a Dragon :iconbertman01:Bertman01 12 7 I'll Carry You by Bertman01 I'll Carry You :iconbertman01:Bertman01 41 12
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Campnight Fun: Double Team Vore :iconbertman01:Bertman01 5 0
Saving Sascha by Bertman01 Saving Sascha :iconbertman01:Bertman01 7 2 Big Bog Monster by Bertman01 Big Bog Monster :iconbertman01:Bertman01 7 5 Berts Guardian Naga sketch by Bertman01 Berts Guardian Naga sketch :iconbertman01:Bertman01 1 5 The Dragon and the She Wolf sketch by Bertman01 The Dragon and the She Wolf sketch :iconbertman01:Bertman01 6 2
Cute Kitties: Face your Bully
Cute Kitties: Face your Bully: Chomba vs. Janja
Chapter 1: Hide Me
It's a beautiful at Kitty Manor. Giggles, Chomba, Bert, Drake, and XV50 wake up refreshed getting ready for a good day that's ahead of them. Bert exits out his room all dressed up and goes to the living room where the catgirls were playing Super Smash Bros. "Good morning Bertie." Giggles and Chomba said happily "Morning girls." he replied happily with a smile on his face and go towards the door and opens it.
"Where are you going?" said Giggles with a curious look on her face "I'm going out for a walk in the park. I'll be back in two hours. You girls have fun." he replied and walked down the sidewalk heading towards the city. Giggles walks back inside and closes. The cute panther goes back sitting next to her pink friend. "Where did Bert he was going to go Giggles?", said Chomba "He's going to the park Chomba. He'll be back in two hours he said." Giggles replied. Chomba looks at the clock and the time was 9:30. She and G
:iconbertman01:Bertman01 1 0
The Jungle Crew by Bertman01 The Jungle Crew :iconbertman01:Bertman01 21 9 Hide Me sketch by Bertman01 Hide Me sketch :iconbertman01:Bertman01 3 1 Cute Kitties final pg by Bertman01 Cute Kitties final pg :iconbertman01:Bertman01 1 1 Cute Kitties pg 12 by Bertman01 Cute Kitties pg 12 :iconbertman01:Bertman01 1 0 Cute Kitties pg 11 by Bertman01 Cute Kitties pg 11 :iconbertman01:Bertman01 0 0 Cute Kitties pg 10 by Bertman01 Cute Kitties pg 10 :iconbertman01:Bertman01 1 0
My gallery :heart: :D
Feel free to look but don't steal :no:
You can color my sketches but give credit ;)


Mad Eyes by Goldenskytiger Mad Eyes :icongoldenskytiger:Goldenskytiger 13 10 Soft Light by Goldenskytiger Soft Light :icongoldenskytiger:Goldenskytiger 37 10 Bottom Of The Well by hypnofood
Mature content
Bottom Of The Well :iconhypnofood:hypnofood 150 33
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Campnight Ruined Sketch
Decided to draw :iconhypnofood:s husky girl Razzora teaming up with retired Marine/Navy Seal Sergeant Nickolai "the Falcon" Jones. Their camp is ruined by a hybrid cryptic named "Necross" who wants both of them out of his turf. But, our heroes don't want this experimental creation to take another innocent life. 

Coloring coming up soon

Nick and Necross (c) :iconbertman01:
Razzora (c) :iconhypnofood:
The Dragon and the She-Wolf: Wish Granted sketch
Vixie was eye balling at a dress that she wanted but she didn't had the money to purchase it. She tells Bert that she wanted it so bad, but the dragon hybrid tells her that he can't give out free wishes. "What the heck" he thought, (even though he knew he was breaking a dragon code), he grants Vixies wish. Happy, she gives him a gift on the cheek. Looks like Bert is going to have some explaining to do, cause he got caught red handed *points at the kitties* Drake knows this isn't going to be good

coloring will be up soon
The Sadness of a Dragon
Every character has a sad story in their life, but for Bert, he has two and this is one of them.
Every year, Mother's Day is a sad day for him. Sorry to say, he doesn't have a mom. The last time he met her was in the circle of violence in Hell where he thought she was slain by his enemy King Basking but in reality, she committed suicide by stabbing herself to prevent the evil basking shark to know his whereabouts. 

Try to cheer him up girls. And Boga wants to help him too.

Bert, Giggles, and Bella (c) :iconbertman01:
Boga (c) :iconnafyo-toons:
Chomba (c) :iconhypnofood:
I'll Carry You
Full title: I'll Carry You: Chomba meets Bert

When a girl is tired and can't walk anymore steps.
What's the best solution? Carry her of course :D Bert is such a gentleman :aww:

Bert (c) :iconbertman01:
Chomba (c) :iconhypnofood:

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Campnight fun: Double Team Vore

Bert sits on a chair after helping Bella and Giggles set up their huge tent that they'll be sharing for the night. His stomach growls, he totally forgot to buy some snacks at the store and he was getting hungry. He stares at Bellas sexy snow leopard ass and she looks at him and shakes her big booty at him. He licks his lips and his stomach growls louder. The growling wakes up a python high up in the trees. The python named "Sarrl" goes down and investigates the sound.

He pauses after seeing Bert on the bottom. He was to afraid to get more closer to him after knowing of what happened when he met the dragon hybrid, but, he shows courage and slithers down to him. "Hello Bert. We meet again." he said with nervousness "Oh hello Sarrl. Long time no see. It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you." Bert replied with a smile on his face and his stomach growls. "Ssssso, it'sssss your sssstomach that'sss making that sssound." Sarrl looked at Bert with a smile. "Yes. I forgot to buy snacks for myself. Now, I don't got nothing to eat." he replied. Bert looks at Bella and Giggles seeing their huge breasts almost touching each other on the side. Bert looks at Sarrl and the python looks at him and both smiled. "Thinking what I'm thinking?" Bert said to Sarrl with a glare smile "Yesssss." chuckled Sarrl and both he and Bert went into hiding in opposite bushes. Bert calls out for Bella. "Coming baby boy." Bella said and she walks towards where Bert was hiding not knowing Sarrl was slithering the other way towards Giggles.

Bella looks for Bert. "Where are you dear?" she said "Over here." he replied. She goes towards his voice. He stands up slowly. "Ooh there you are silly." she said. Bert begins his love hypnosis on her and her eyes turn into hearts and he grabs her paws and takes her deeply into the thick brush. Giggles was by herself getting concerned about Bert and Bella. She gets surprised by Sarrl but the python hypnosis her right on the mark. "Hello my lovely pantheresssssss. You look tired. Would you like to resssst?" said Sarrl as he began to wrap his coils around the beautiful panther girl removing her purple dress and bra and panties. Giggles breasts bounce when the bra got removed and Sarrl gets surprised of how big they are. "Delicccciousssss." he drooled "Yeah...I'm so sleepy." said Giggles as she were drunk and was wrapped around by his coils. On the other side, Bert removes all of Bellas clothes and lays her on the ground and begins to open his mouth to put her feet in first. He begins to swallow both of her feet slowly; he squeezes her huge mammaries as he swallows her and she moans with lust. Sarrl on the other hand swallows Giggles face first and the panther girl begins to go in him slowly with a smile on her face.

Bert gets halfway to Bellas body and lifts her up to swallow her faster. He places both of her hands in his mouth continuing to swallow her. Sarrl is nearly at the end swallowing Giggles legs and tail. She moans inside him entering his stomach slowly. Bert finally reaches to Bellas face and head and pushes her in down his throat. She reaches to his stomach and he licks his lips. Sarrl slurps on Giggles tail finally finishing his dinner. The two of them look at their lucky victims giving them a huge bulge. Bert had one more trick up his sleeve. He gets Bella in a comfortable position and starts pushing her towards his tail with all his might. Her face starts showing with a smile on it. He gives one more push and she was finally in his tail.

Bert meets up with Sarrl. "How did it go Sarrl?" Bert said "Went ssspectacular. Jussst like I wanted it. Where'sssss your prey?" he questioned. Bert shows him his prey was in his tail. Bella moves around moaning with lust. "Niccccce. Your panther friend wasssss a good girl. I didn't knew sssshe had huge breassstss. Lookssss like ssshe'ssss having assss much like yourssss." he replied with a smile. "Looks like Bella agrees with you." Bert laughed. The hybrid and the python stroll down the path with their prey next to each other moaning.
Campnight Fun: Double Team Vore
Bert is hungry and his loud growling stomach awakens a hungry python.

Bert, Bella, and Giggles © :iconbertman01:
Sarrl © :iconragnarok222:


Bertman01's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello. I'm MKVSDBZFAN1, but all of you can call me Bert. I'm a friend to anyone's artwork (I'm a lover not a hater). I help my grandparents do yard work and I also live with them. I love to play my Wii everytime I get bored. I do requests and I love to talk to my dear friends in

My deviantart family:
my sister :iconsnowbelltherabbit:

My dear friends :iconnafyo-toons:, :iconraisen-kun:, :iconjuricha-the-geek:, :icondel-hee-cious:, :iconangelwaveo6:, :icondarkie-san:, :iconblaze7the7cat:, and :icond3adlyxp0ison:

Friends I know in real life: :iconroysareboy: and :iconmeladaf:


Current Residence: Bakersfield, CA
Favourite genre of music: Rock n Roll
Favourite style of art: Any kind
Operating System: Laptop, Toshiba
MP3 player of choice: Other than an ipod
Shell of choice: Spiked
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon
Skin of choice: Tan
Favourite cartoon character: Rouge the bat and Meta Knight (I'm a huge Meta Knight and Rouge fan)
Personal Quote: "Always find a way to make a hard thing into an easy activity"

kik: Bertman01
Skype: bertman011

Things I draw:
Big breasts
Big asses

Things I will not draw:

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
I'm hyped up for the Fifa World Cup Qualifier next week :yayzplz: But USA's opponent is a tough one. By the looks of it, we have tough games ahead of us to make it impossible to qualify for the W.C. Some of my buddies are hoping that we do make it, but my gut is telling me that we're not going to the W.C. You think USA has what it takes to go the W.C?

Yes :nod:

No :no: 


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